Nuclear Bastard (nuclearbastard) wrote in cartman_luvers,
Nuclear Bastard

A brief history of fandom

So I am sitting here working on a South Park multimedia project (you will probably never see the result because I would get sued :( ), and I realized the exact minute that I became a life-long South Park fan.

It was April 1, 1998, a Wednesday. I had been waiting for four weeks to learn the truth about Cartman's lineage. Then I see this announcement that it would not be seen tonight so I could be presented with a special presentation.

Then I saw Terrance and Phillip on my TV.

I laughed harder than I think I had laughed before or since at that moment. Trey and Matt had taken the whole concept of cliffhangers and season premieres and ratings stunts and turned it on its ear, all in recognition of April Fool's Day. I realized that this show would be a part of my life as long as Comedy Central tolerated it.

Later, on getting a broadband Internet connection and hearing some commentaries, I learned that apparently not too many people shared my enthusiasm. In truth, Trey and Matt were warned to not reenter the United States from press tours in England because the joke had failed so horribly.

I am told that once, before we had met, my wife was at a friend's house and he was in the bathtub while my wife and his GF were conversing in the front room. Suddenly, they hear his voice going Canadian, and reciting this episode, line for line, imitating voices and everything.

So at least I am not the only one who got it.

Did "Not Without My Anus" show again during the run of controversial episodes recently? If so, that's excellent, because more people need to watch it and love it for it's pure South Park-ness.

As belated as this is, Well done, Messrs Parker and Stone, and thank you.
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